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    logo_Lianyungang Shenghe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


    Shenghe Biotechnology

    About us

    Company Profile

    "Science & Technology are primary productive forces"
    "Science & Technology accomplish the future"

    Lianyungang Shenghe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. mainly engages in the research and production of Anti-tumor API and intermediates. The enterprise owns completed environment protective, safety and extinguishing and protection procedures, as well as public instruments including liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and other analysis equipments. It has built completed quality management system. It has built municipal technical center, the municipal high-tech enterprises and it has built Green Synthesis Lab with Jiangsu Ocean Resources Research Institute.

    S&T is the primary productive force and S&T can contribute to the future. The enterprise adheres to be S&T and human resources strategy. At present, it owns 2 doctors and the Master degree and bachelors degrees graduates can be more than 60%. What’s more, it has employs numbers of medicine synthesizing exports both at home and abroad to guide for the R&D of the enterprise. It owns characteristics in anti-tumor research and development of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates as well as various core technologies. The enterprise is rich in the experience in R&D, production and management. It has developed into a hhighly competitive anti-tumor drugs and intermediates production of raw materials and suppliers.

    Welcome to friends from all walks to discuss and cooperate for the exploring of foreign market to create mutual great future.

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