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It is almost Christmas in the magic kingdom, and everyone is looking forward to a royal wedding. Everyone except prince Robert. He is bound by tradition to marry a princess on Christmas day before his 18th birthday, but he has not yet found a princess he wants to marry. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, the kingdom is threatened by the wicked Lucrezia and her Evil Wizard. As the prince and King Wolfgang fight for their kingdom, little do they know that the future queen has been living amongst them the whole time.

Christmas in the Enchanted Castle

Audience feedback for previous seasons of the show:


'Many thanks for the wonderful performance. We will be back.'


'A wonderful, entertaining show.'


'Adele, 4, loved the show and her favourite part was the wedding.'


'Great fun for the kids'


'It is so good to show children live, interactive theatre'


' Much better than the last show we saw, and that one was really expensive.'


'Thank you for a fabulous production. My daughter is 7 today and really enjoyed it, so did her friend'

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