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Giselle is a young woman excited about having her first baby. But when the  baby arrives she finds herself racked with anxiety about her abilities as a mother. And then reality itself begins to shift as Giselle slips into the  nightmare of postpartum psychosis. But help is available, and with time and the support of her family, Giselle recovers and is finally able to experience motherhood.

For PANDA month

To celebrate International Woman's day, our artistic director Sarah Gooda talks about being a woman in the arts industry and running a busy production company. 

A Woman's View

A Temporary Reality

Break the Cycle

Phoebe is living with domestic violence. She tries to hide it from her best friend, but eventually her husband Sebastian does something no-one can ignore. But the worst is yet to come. 

For White Ribbon Day: 

Different is not a Dirty Word

Alfie wants to be a counsellor but keeps getting put down by co-workers who don’t understand the transition process or the life experiences Alfie has to offer. Ruby is a talented dancer who is blocked from fulfilling her potential because choreographers can’t see past her disability. But maybe they can help each other out.

For Zero Discrimination Day

For International Woman's Day: 

Every Drop Counts

Two young people are driving home drunk after a  night out. A woman is giving blood whilst her housemate watches the footy. A young girl is struck down with a mystery illness. Soon all their paths will collide.

For National Blood Donor Week

In recognition of World Refugee Day, we present a short film made with refugees living in Australia, talking about the experience of having to leave your home and settle in a new culture. 

Finding Home

For World Refugee Day

Elodie has always been healthy, happy and carefree. Until she has a sting of infections and is left feeling constantly tired. Then a HIV diagnosis throws her life into chaos. But as she learns, it is not the death sentence it used to be. 

It could be you

For World AIDS Day: 

Cally has always had ups and downs, but then, doesn’t everyone? But when Cally experience’s both highs and lows more extreme and frightening than she could ever imagine, a diagnosis of bipolar disorder changes her life forever.

It doesn't have me

For World Bipolar Day

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a rare disorder which often goes undiagnosed for many years, with patients often being told that their symptoms are psychological. This is the case for Anna, who has had symptoms such as pain and fatigue for most of her life, which doctors have been unable to diagnose. Then she meets a doctor who realises that not every illness shows up on blood tests and x-rays. 

Not all in my head

For Ehlers-Danlos Awareness month

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common condition, affecting one in ten women. For many of those women, the condition goes undiagnosed, causing all sorts of problems. Maeve can’t figure out why she’s still gaining weight when she eats healthily and exercises. And she has a range of other symptoms that no-one has been able to explain. When she finds out that there might be a reason for all her issues, she has to find out if this mystery illness is really the cause.

Now it's my time

For PCOS awareness: 

One Breath at a Time

Summer’s asthma has always been well controlled, and she’s never thought of asthma as a big deal. That is until she starts to have symptoms almost constantly day and night, even with increased preventative medication, and it turns her world upside down

For Asthma Awareness week: 

When Indigo moves into a share-house, she is disturbed by her housemates meat-eating, wasteful ways. Can she make them change their habits?

Only one Earth

For World Environment Day

Pink ribbons in the sunset

When Julia finds a lump in her breast, she hopes it is just a cyst. She is not that lucky, but when she joins a cancer support group, it provides friendship for both Julia and her daughter, Leila. When Leila and her new friend from the support group decide to run a fundraiser for breast cancer, they are expecting it to be a good night. But nothing can prepare everyone for the way the day turns out.

For Breast Cancer Awareness week

Teal Angels

Brittany is overjoyed when a pregnancy test comes up positive. But she soon finds out that the test result was false, and that her vomiting and stomach cramps are in fact due to Ovarian cancer. With only a 46% survival rate, Brittany is in a fight for her life.

For Ovarian Cancer awareness month

Keely has had stomach problems since she was a teenager, and gets very bad stomach cramps and, to her boyfriend’s annoyance, pain with intercourse. With many people telling her she is imagining it and blood tests coming up normal, Keely pushes for further testing to be done and discovers that she has endometriosis. There is no cure, but with the support of her best friend Miranda, Keely can find a way forward. 

Yellow Sails

For Endometriosis Awareness Month 

Lydia has a lot going on in her life. Her marriage has just broken down and her mum is not being very understanding. She also has issues with pain and has quit the career she loved, spent 5 years studying and is now in a job where she is being bullied and given menial tasks to complete. Then she goes to the hospital to speak to the mental health team.

You could have saved me

For World Suicide Prevention Day

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