Concert Series 2021

We are applying to play at festivals and community events, but this is the list of our concerts planned so far: 

Kings Crusades & Crumhorns 

A selection of Medieval and Renaissance music and poetry

Sun 14th February 1pm @

Sun 21st February 1pm @

Chaucer's Tunes 

Medieval music and stories from Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

Sun 28th March 1pm @

Sun 18th April 1pm 

Songs of the Solstice 

Medieval, Renaissance and traditional music and poetry

celebrating the solstice

Sun 20th June 1pm @

Sun 27th June 1pm @

Make Music Day

(with Tribal Thunder, Sara-Rose Millar, Vagabond Sky)

Mon 21st June 8pm @

Shakespeare & Song 

Renaissance music and excerpts from Shakespeare plays

Sun 8th August 1pm @

Sun 15th August 1pm @

Tales from the Tavern

Early and traditional music and fok tales

Sun 10th October 1pm @

Sun 17th October 1pm @

Christmas at Camelot 

Medieval and Renaissance Christmas music and poetry

Sun 5th December 1pm @

Sun 12th December 1pm @