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Awareness films
During 2023 and 2024 we will be releasing a series of short films targeting various health, environmental and social issues.   

Cast & Crew Call

Phoebe is living with domestic violence. She tries to hide it from her best friend, but eventually her husband Sebastian does something no-one can ignore. But the worst is yet to come. 


UNPAID - I am planning a series of awareness films for different causes and am looking to get funding, however the funding body wants an example of the work to be made prior to any funding application. If I manage to secure funding for future short films, there will be some payment involved, and people who have worked on previous projects will be offered first refusal of suitable roles.


DATE - TBA but likely a week day somewhere around 14th Feb (some flexibility to work around cast and crew schedules)


Phoebe (f 20-30) - victim of domestic abuse

Sebastian (m 20-30) - Phoebe's husband, abuser

Savannah (f 20-30) - Phoebe’s best friend

Isaac (m 20-30) - Sebastian’s friend



Assistant Camera

Boom Op (I have equipment)

Script Supervisor (continuity)

Please send details / actors headshots to

thank you

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