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Sarah Gooda
Writing credits


  • Back to the Sea (short film)

  • Bush Survivor (short film)

  • Cashflow (short film)

  • Dinolife (children's theatre)

  • Embrace the silence (short film)

  • Energy in my dreams (short film)

  • Grimm (children's theatre)

  • Jungle Fever (murder mystery theatre)

  • Keep one eye open (short film)

  • No more black magic (children's theatre)

  • Out bush (short film)

  • Queen of hearts (children's theatre)

  • The ancient world (children's theatre)

  • The book of spells (children's theatre)

  • The ice queen's daughter (children's theatre)

  • The nutcracker (children's puppet theatre)


  • A moment's silence (short film)

  • A temporary reality (short film)

  • Across the seas (short film)

  • Desert song (theatre)

  • Different is not a dirty word (short film)

  • Don't make war with the sky (10-minute theatre)

  • Every drop counts (short film)

  • It wasn't me (short film)

  • Mosaic (short film)

  • Murder at Acacia Bend gardens (murder mystery theatre)

  • Murder at Crystal Lakes festival (murder mystery theatre)

  • Murder at Saddledown Castle (murder mystery theatre)

  • Murder on the Catwalk (murder mystery theatre)

  • On my terms (short film)

  • Pass the mallet (theatre)

  • Postcards from Paradise (theatre)

  • Quarantine Heights (theatre)

  • Rock & Roll and the Kitty Committee (10-minute theatre)

  • The new normal (theatre)

  • Too intense (short film)


  • Break the cycle (short film)

  • Dreams unwind (10-minute physical theatre)

  • Fruit salad (10-minute theatre)

  • It could be you (short film)

  • It doesn't have me (short film)

  • Journey to the centre of the earth (theatre)

  • Murder at Gate lounge C7 (murder mystery theatre)

  • Murder at Tranquil Cove (murder mystery theatre)

  • Murder on Sound stage 9 (murder mystery theatre)

  • Not all in my head (short film)

  • Not how Chaucer wrote it (theatre)

  • Now it's my time (short film)

  • One breath at a time (short film)

  • Only one earth (short film)

  • Pink ribbons in the sunset (short film)

  • Synchronicity (short film)

  • Syzygy (circus)

  • Teal angels (short film)

  • The future stone (children's theatre)

  • Unicornia (children's theatre)

  • When life imitates art (theatre)

  • Yellow sails (short film)

  • You could have saved me (short film)


  • A Producer's nightmare (musical theatre)

  • Knocked up (short film)

  • Murder at Register square (murder mystery theatre)

  • On with the show (short film)

  • Private fears in public toilets (10-minute cabaret)

  • Shadow hill asylum (theatre)

  • The High life (short film)

  • Til death do us part (10-minute theatre)


  • Gone with the courier (theatre)

  • Moustache in the wind (10-minute theatre)

  • That Spying game (theatre)

  • The masque of murder (murder mystery theatre)


  • Think about it (short film)


  • A midsummer night's jam (theatre)

  • Chaos in pantoland (children's theatre)

  • Dragonfire (children's theatre)

  • End Game (10-minute theatre)

  • Game of thrones (10-minute cabaret)

  • Mile high murder (murder mystery theatre)

  • Not make believe (10-minute theatre)

  • Powercut (10-minute theatre)

  • Sand, sea, surf & Murder (murder mystery theatre)

  • Star Wars the panto (pantomime)

  • The other side of the mirror (short film)

  • The Secret quest (children's theatre)

  • The trials of Annabel Lee (theatre)

  • Trouble in Shangri La (10-minute cabaret)

  • What happens on tour (murder mystery theatre)


  • In a nutshell (10-minute theatre)

  • Over the rainbow....(10-minute theatre)


  • 20,000 leagues under the sea (theatre)

  • Problem Central (theatre)

  • Technically Challenged (10-minute theatre)

  • The haunted forest (children's theatre)

  • Welcome to the room (10-minute cabaret)


  • Just say I do (theatre)

  • The inner monologues (theatre)


  • Caught on Camera (short film)

  • Christmas in the Enchanted Castle (children's theatre)

  • Inside hells gates (10-minute theatre)

  • The magic garden (children's theatre)


  • Continental Drift (short film)


  • Terror on Volcanic Island (short film)



  • Getting Even (short film)


  • Word Perfect (short film)


  • Limelight (musical theatre)

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