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Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Drama Therapy
Singing bowls

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Holistic Outlook

I like to work holistically, treating the person rather than the diagnosis. Whilst I use evidence-based treatments, I am also interested in the whole person and their current situation. 

Treatment will include work for you to do at home in between sessions to get the most out of your therapy.

I hold a master of professional psychology, a diploma in art therapy and diploma in holistic counselling as well as training in music therapy, drama therapy and sand play. 

I have a background in theatre, music and mental health and have worked with people from age 3 upwards. I use a range of materials and concepts in my work and can tailor treatment to each individual client. 

I am trained in CBT and narrative therapy and have undertaken a number of courses in working with children and adolescents, working with people with dementia, and various clinical presentations including depression and anxiety, psychosis, personality disorders, eating disorders, OCD and PTSD. ​

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