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Spangled Aura Productions has been making films since 2005. We have a slate of films in production this year, many of which will be shows as part of Spangled Aura Shorts (date TBA). We will be producing a series of awareness films to be released in 2023/24 to mark national or international awareness events. 

Awareness films

Our awareness films will be screened online in 2023/24 to coincide with national or international awareness events for health and other causes. Links to each film will be put up on the date of the event 

Other films (to be screened as part of Spangled Aura Shorts 

caught on camera name.jpg
continental drift name.jpg
volcanic island name.jpg
the other side of the mirror name.jpg
think about it name.jpg
on with the show name.jpg
knocked up name.jpg
getting even name.jpg
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synchronicity name.jpg
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