Spangled Aura Productions has been making films since 2005. We have a slate of films in production this year, many of which will be shows as part of Spangled Aura Shorts in December, alongside short theatre and circus pieces. For 2022 we will also be producing a series of short films to raise awareness of various medical, environmental and social issues by promoting various awareness days / months. Click on the boxes to find out more about each film. (2022 Release dates below the awareness films)

Awareness films

teal angels slab.jpg
Yellow sails slab.jpg
a womans view slab.jpg

Sat 26th February                                Tue 1st March                                   Tue 8th March        

it doesn't have me slab.jpg
Not all in my head slab.jpg
Only one earth slab.jpg

Wed 30th March                                   Sun 1st May                                          Sun 5th June            

finding home slab.jpg
One breath at a time slab.jpg
You could have saved me slab.jpg

Mon 20th June                                  Thu 1st September                                Sat 10th September                     

pink ribbon slab.jpg
Break the cycle slab.jpg
it could be you slab.jpg

Sat 1st October                                      Sat 19th November                              Thu 1st December

Other films (to be screened as part of Spangled Aura Shorts in December 2022)

Caught on camera slab.jpg
Continental Drift slab.jpg
Getting even slab.jpg
Knocked up slab.jpg
Think about it slab.jpg
on with the show slab.jpg
Volcanic Island slab.jpg
The High Life slab.jpg
Other side of the mirror slab.jpg
Word perfect slab.jpg