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Arts-based community education & cultural heritage in the developing world

Launching in 2022 (or as soon as COVID permits!), GlobalEyes is a project delivering education through the arts in the developing world and building an online resource of world cultures.

The project is run by Sarah Gooda. Sarah holds a master of psychology. She has a music degree and has undertaken tertiary modules in theatre and performance. Sarah plays multiple instruments, and performs as a singer/songwriter. She runs her own theatre company, has worked as a musician, actress, stage manager and lighting and sound designer, has worked with youth theatres, and has experience and training in art, drama and music therapy.  Sarah has worked with in-transit immigrants in Australia and volunteered with children in Kenya.

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  • To use the arts to educate communities in the developing world about issues important in their own community

  • To encourage creativity and foster participation in the arts

  • To connect young people with their traditional culture

  • To build up and online cultural resource of traditional cultures from around the world.

How it



  • Each project works with a community in a developing country, running workshops with one or more groups of children. 
  • Issues important to the community are discussed, and a short performance is devised to educate the community on this issue
  • Local traditional art forms are researched with and through the children
  • A performance is devised using local traditional art forms, which is recorded and added to the GlobalEyes website as a resource for others. 
  • The children get to perform the pieces to their community
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