Inside the Court

Chris Howard

Chris loves to act, and he loves to sing. This combination results in his erratic dancing behaviour whilst performing with Court of Camelot. Chris has been with Spangled Aura Productions since 2011 and just won’t go home! Along with his partner, Sara-Rose, he has performed at all kinds of events, such as The Abbey Medieval festival and other equally awesome venues. He hopes that he can keep his voice in tact and sing for the rest of his life

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Sara-Rose Millar

Sara-Rose has been playing the recorder from the age of 5. She graduated from a music degree in 2004 and has played with a variety of ensembles over the last 25 years, including the Pavane Early Music Consort in Cardiff, Wales. Sara-Rose moved to Australia in 2010 and established the Anon Early Music Consort, leaving after 2 years to form what was to become the Court of Camelot. Sara-Rose plays a variety of instruments (some of which you will see and hear in this duo), and is also a composer and singer/songwriter with seven demo albums to her name.    

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