Sir Linski Styles

Drag King, Sir Linski Styles history, told his way.

  • He was born in the Aboriginal Murri Rainbow community as a “Baby King” in Qld approx. 2005. Where he performed his first ever number to support Indigilez with raising funds for Outgames.


  • Sylinksi was introduced via a friend to Diana Tunne’l who was the former hostess for OutWest and is the current hostess for: Palace a night in with the Queens, based in Ipswich Qld. Sylinski performed regularly with the Queens.


  • He found himself venturing off to Sydney where, he thought it would be booming of rainbow/queer/LGBTIAQ+ scene’s, activities, groups, sadly the Drag King scene was next to being non-existent, even in and around Newtown where apparently it use to be happening.


  • 2014 Sylinski networked with various LGBTQIA clubs and bars around Sydney where he was given the same outcome, when networking; being men orientated and having enough regular Drag Queen performers. Though he mentioned how having a Drag King could complement the Drag Queens and possibly bring a more diverse inclusive audience, this still had nil impact.


  • 2015 Sylinski continued to research and connect with local rainbow social groups and came across, Heaven Social Dance where he met and the late Ian Stumbles and Beverley Buttercup. He was given the opportunity to perform occasionally on Pop up Drag stage where he met PortiaTurbo whom was often hosting the shows. Sylinski found himself becoming friends with the beautiful Queens and one, night Sylinski met the fabulous: Felicity Frockaccino, who invited Sylinski to showcase himself in Style on stage as a charity event at the Imperial Hotel (an iconic gay venue & an icon for Priscilla Queen of the Desert in Surrey Hills, (Sydney, Australia).


  • 2016 Sylinski marched in his 1st ever Mardi Gras with his mob in First Nations Float for ACON NSW’s. Where her shared Oxford st with his Drag Queen counter paths such as iconic Aboriginal Drag Diva’s: Nova Gina and Lasey Dunaman, Destiny Has Arrived, Sasha Fearless and other strong, deadly, aspiring and dazzling peeps.


  • Sylinski continued to perform for Heaven and then had a friend Coco encourage him to enter a Drag competition RTG with Hostess; Prada Clutch and Doreen Manganini &Judging panel.


  • He aspired to this but sadly had to opt out of this competition due to personal issues. Which lead him out of the city and suburbia to the outback in Broken Hill. In September 2018 he performed his first number in over 2 years for Broken Heel Festival on Vonni’s Poxy Concert Stage. He got his mojo back and drag began to penetrate his veins once again. Since this time he has connected with a few interested stake holders in Sydney, who are in the process of bringing the Drag King scene back. Sylinski upgraded his name to Sir Linski Styles. October 2018 Sir Linski was doing a road trip where he found himself performing for Venom – Central West Pride (NSW) night for “Ladies Night” alongside fabulous Queens: Betty Botox


  • In 2019 Sir Linski nomadically ventured to Nunga Nation (South Australia) Kaurna Country (Adelaide) where he caught up with Vonni whom he met at Broken Heel Festival.


  • Since 2019 -2020 Sir Linski has met other icons in the world of Drag, Kris-del Vayze, Kween Kong. amongst some other fierce and fabulous Drag Queens, Drag King and Drag Artists.


  • He  performed for Vonni’s Bush Fire Appeal, Haus of Kong’s “Kingdom” several times at Ancient Worlds on Hindley Street, Adelaide until it came to a closure in 2019.


  • Feast Festivals: Nungay night (Aboriginal Pride Party) with Hostess: Belinda Mc, Margi Fischer and sharing the staget with friend Sara-Rose Millar, Charlotte SA’s First Nation’s Pride Leader, Leslie deadly Didge performer, Bec Gollan an amazing musician.


  • Blacklist Cabaret at Tandanya March 2020 with Hostess: Fez Fanana sharing backstage with an array of artists Drag and Non-Drag performers.


  • AGSA (Art Gallery South Australia) 2019 NEO Deadly Halloween for youth.


  • He was invited to performed several times for: Adel Magic Productions – Variety shows by Chris Meyers. Where he entertained the audience, gave them a bit of laughter and educated them on many levels.


  • To date Sir Linski continue’s to perform for Haus of Kong’s – Drag Supreme every few months.


If you’ve ever met Sir Linski Styles, you might agree he is a little nuts, a sexy funky spunk and full of faboriginal Styles, that leaves many faces full of smiles.